Palm Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week around the world, as our Savior and King entered Jerusalem riding on the humblest of work animals.  A beast of burden, Christ told His disciples to go into the city and obtain the donkey for what would be His grand entrance into the city of God.  It must have been a wonderfully strange spectacle to see the man haled King by these peasants who laid down cloaks and raised branches from the palm and olive trees along Christ’s path.  His following had swelled as the City began its somber observance of the Passover, a time of remembrance.  It was a high feast for the children of Israel that marked their deliverance from the bondage of slavery.  It was a time in the life of this people when God gathered them all in one place, in His Holy City, to enter into His presence.  They brought their lamb of sacrifice and presented it to the Lord who blessed it, made it Holy and returned it to the people.  They then ate this great feast in the presence of their God who consecrated His people, making them Holy.  Little did they know that this year, as Christ entered the Holy City through the procession of palms, that He was the Lamb being offered up, not by the people, but by God Himself.  And He was offered up for us so that we may be made Holy by His body and His blood, that we might be raised up as He would be for the forgiveness of sins.