Lutheran Missions in Africa

Here is an update from Reverend Fisk’s blog on the work of Rev. James May in Africa under the auspices of Lutherans in Africa.  African missions need our support as Christians on that continent suffer terrible persecutions including mass killings and genocide simply for being Christians.  Religious chaos runs rampant, and many parts of the country are under siege from proponents of the prosperity Gospel and Left Behind theology.  There are seminaries training pastors in Africa in the Sudan, Togo, and Sierra Leone.  All need our support.  There are also precious few Lutheran resources available to the people, including Bibles and hymnals.  Lutherans in Africa notes the following particular needs for these areas of Africa:

East Africa
ESV English catechisms with questions and answers
There are still many languages into which we have yet to translate the catechism but they do understand a good deal of English (at least among the educated).  LHF does not have permission to print the catechism into English

The Lutheran Study Bible
Few Lutheran pastors in Africa have even one biblical commentary.  It would be a great blessing for then to get a study bible with notes covering all of scripture.  How can they study and prepare good sermons without any resources for study?

Theological books for the mission library and research center.  Because books are so expensive to buy and ship over, most Lutheran pastors have no access to commentaries, dogmatic books, historical books, etc.  If you have new or used books that you could donate or if you would like to support shipping some books over, that would be very helpful.  We would like to offer a place to research and study in addition to our seminars.

West Africa (French speaking)
The new French hymnal published by Concordia
Very few of the Lutheran churches in French speaking West Africa have ever seen a Lutheran hymnal.  As a result most now only know praise songs and are unaware of rich Lutheran hymnody.  Now that a new hymnal has been produced in French we have been distributing these so Lutherans can see the difference between Lutheran hymns and praise songs.  The interest is very large after the recent conference held in Togo.

Togo Seminary
Clergy shirts
There are currently 22 students at the seminary in Togo.  It is not possible to get the clergy shirts in Togo and they would make great graduation gifts.  There will be a graduation class in June 18, 2011.  All sizes are needs.  The seminary students are all different heights.  The average would be around 5’8”.  The average neck size would be 16”.  Nevertheless all sizes are needed.  Please consider donating used or new clergy shirts.

Liturgical Stoles
If there is ladies’ group that could make stoles for them, that would be great. Red on one side green on the other.  They are expensive to buy but can be made for a much more reasonable price.

The Lutheran Heritage Foundation is sponsoring a hymnal for families project in Kenya.  They can produce a hymnal in Kenya for a cost of only $5 ($10 to publish it in the Kisii language)! The cost for producing Luther’s Small Catechism is the same.  A list of the cost for publishing some Lutheran resources in other parts of Africa can be found here:  LHF Missions, Adopt a Project.

Consider supporting these mission projects.  Information on each and where to send donations can be found by clicking on each link.