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Absolutely Stunning Restoration of Orthodox Church in Russia

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The Orthodox really know how to dress up a church. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow is a tribute to persevering in the faith and how God preserves His church throughout time. This cathedral was recently restored to the 360 degree beauty you see in the panoramic photos at the website linked here:     Thanks to Pr. Peters’ for the post at Pastoral Meanderings for posting this one.

Absolutely Stunning! Gotta see. . .

HT to Saint Austin Review:the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. It’s a spectacular presentation that moves in a 360 degree perspective around this holy space, in full color.The original cathedral was blown up by the Bolsheviks. Stalin planned to erect the world’s tallest building on the site, and a statue of Lenin was supposed to perch on the top of it. But difficulties with water seepage and other problems prevented the monstrosity from ever being completed.