This blog started out as a place to provide a one-stop source for information related to Bible studies taking place at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday evenings. It has since morphed into a blog to examine all things Christian through the lens of the Cross and Confessional Lutheran Theology.  We are always looking for contributors and others to join the conversation.

What is Heidelberg 26?

Heidelberg 26 refers to the 26th thesis of Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation of 1518.  This series of statements gives an early outline of Luther’s Theologia Crucis or Theology of the Cross.  The Theology of the Cross stands in opposition to the Glory that we have a natural tendency to seek for ourselves.  It is based on the person and work of Jesus Christ as revealed through the Word of God and the scandal of the cross.  All of Luther’s theses from the Heidelberg Disputation may be found at http://www.bookofconcord.org/heidelberg.php.

Thesis 26 itself states:  The law says, “do this,” and it is never done. Grace says, “believe in this,” and everything is already done.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello,
    exactly 1518 Luther had his “Turm-Erlebnis”. It is important to distinguish articles of Luther he wrote before and after this date! But now another subject:

    The christian doctrine in Germany is under attack. The publics gaze in Germany is fixed or focused on the “agent” Bonhoeffer. However Bonhoeffers main aim was not the resistance against Hitler, but the renewal of the German Evangelical Church (former DEK, today EKD).
    Everybody must admit that the Third Reich is over but the EKD still exist with her big problems thus it would be adviceable to turn gaze on the theologian Bonhoeffer who has a lot of solutions for ecclesiastical problems.

    There are evil powers in Germany trying to keep the publics gaze on the “agent” Bonhoeffer and trying to prevent that Bonhoeffers theology gets well know because this would mean their sure downfall and would bring disaster upon them. They don’t want the problems of the EKD to be solved.

    I have started a website concerning this issue:

    Bonhoeffers best book: “The Cost of Discipleship”.
    A good book of Luther: “The Catechism”

    Kind regards,
    Rainer Braendlein (Munich, Germany)

    1. Christian doctrine is under attack here as well. What you say about Bonhoeffer is correct, and it is too often ignored to put the emphasis on what an “authentic” Christ follower (or in Bonhoeffer’s words, Disciple), looks like. We are never apart as Christians, always members of the Body of Christ. I look forward to reading your webposts! Thanks for visiting and looking us over!

      Soli Deo Gloria!

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