Dare to Be Lutheran? Check Out Higher Things Radio

If you have not yet checked them out, take a look at Higher Things.  It is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS, aimed at cultivating a Lutheran identity among our young people.  The folks at Higher Things put on conferences and retreats, and use the internet and other multimedia to assist parents, congregations, and pastors in connecting youth in our churches today.  On the heels of this past summer’s Coram Deo conferences, Higher Things now has an internet radio program.  The initial shows will take a more in depth look at some of the topics addressed in the break out sessions of the conferences.  You can find the program at Higher Things : Higher Things Radio or check them out at Pirate Christian Radio.  Here is the promo from the HT website:

Join Pastor George Borghardt each week in his latest and greatest project, Higher Things Radio to learn more about the Gospel and Jesus Christ delivered for you! Pastor Borghardt’s new program will air on Pirate Christian Radio Thursday evenings, so tune in your web browsers and check him out. If you miss him, don’t worry we’ll be podcasting his show right here from the Higher Things website! Each week on Pastor Borghardt’s new radio program he’ll be interviewing your favorite catechists and columnists from Higher Things. In addition, Pastor Borghardt will be cold-calling his friends up with your questions in a special segment called, Is this a sin?. Send in your questions today to radio@higherthings.org.

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