Pastoral Meanderings: Children…. Not So Important…

Pastoral Meanderings: Children…. Not So Important….

Pastor Peters has a very thoughtful post on the value we place on children these days.  Like it or not, culture influences Christians who in turn bring it into the church with them.  These influences have affected attitudes of youth in the church toward marriage, family and children.  A couple of his observations are listed below.  Read the full post here:  Pastoral Meanderings: Children…. Not So Important…

Judging from the surveys and polls and musings of sociologists, the kids in catechism class may not be so different that the rest of the youth in our society.  If that is true, it is certainly because they have been shaped by the same factors so evident in the media, culture, and educational bias of our modern day America.  Abortion did not start it and neither did the entrance of women into the workplace during and after WWII but certainly these are markers of the shifting goals and priorities of our people.”


I was reminded of something C. S. Lewis said, “Homemaker is the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only — to support the ultimate career!”  We have certainly forgotten that today.  Take a look at the birth rate for the average European, Scandinavian, Canadian, or American (excluding immigrant families) family.  We have determined that just as love is optional to sex and marriage is even less optional to sex, so children are even less linked with sex (sex being about the number one priority — or pleasure that comes from sex, among other things).


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