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A thoughtful post entitled “One” from Professor Jeff Kloha at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis raises some interesting questions.  “But what if Acts 2 was not really about stuff we should try to copy? What if this Word was not given as a mere model for us to try — and fail — to emulate? What if Luke is writing down Pentecost to show us who we are (have been made) in Christ?”

These questions identify one of the key issues facing the church today — we are so busy trying to “do” church, reinvent it so that we can “get people saved” that we forget to BE who we “ARE” and who we have been created to be in Christ. In fact, in many cases I do not think that local churches know who we are or are supposed to be. We fall too easily into the trap of measuring success on the basis of objective standards and corporate metrics and are led into a spiritual blindness that cannot see who we are and what we are to be not what example to follow, model to implement or what we are to do. The doing comes from being creatures of the Creator, sons and daughters of the King, unite in the ONE body of Christ.

We all have a different idea of which example to follow, which standard to use, and how to measure what success looks like in the church.  In doing so we try to make church appealing to the masses of unchurched folks, because, after all, that is what “doing church” is.  In trying to appeal to the culture, we succumb to the post-modern mind-set of truth being relative, and the right way of “doing church” is what I or the individual local congregation say it is.  Rather than trusting in the Word of God and receiving the blessings of forgiveness and the Sacraments in faith, and being who we are created to be, we would rather reinvent the Body to appeal to our conception of what it ought to be.  It is real easy then to dismiss those who do not agree as foolish, divisive, heretical and just plain wrong.  Butt then again, the Glory Story is generally the one we favor, rather than the bloody mess of the deadly, life-giving Cross that re-forms us and restores us fully to the Creatures we are.  If we are truly sons and daughters of the King of Kings, of the Triune God, shouldn’t we be sons and daughters?

Concordia Theology » One.


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