May 21st Doomsday, Judgment Day or Duumbsday??

A great post on the Harold Camping May 21, doomsday prediction.  Thanks to Worldview Everlasting’s Rev. Jonathan Fisk for the tweet and video referral.  Pastor Tony Pittenger of Bethany Lutheran Church in Port Orchard Washington has analyzed Harold Camping’s doomsday claims, with links to Camping’s documents showing the basis for their claims.  Pittenger concludes with this admonition:

“Do not be deceived. Doomsday predictions make for better television than do Jesus’ own words about the end but only Jesus’ words are true. The baptized believers have done exactly what Peter said to do when he was asked about our sin, indeed they have done exactly what Jesus said to do just before He ascended into Heaven and again when Nicodemus asked Him about the Kingdom of God. IN CHRIST YOU ARE READY NO MATTER WHEN HE RETURNS.

Trust in that. Trust in Him. Live your life on May 21st as a Christian would live any other day God has given.”

Read the whole post here:  Field Reports.

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