The End — The Cross: Good Friday 2011

This is the end of our existence as humans.  The Cross.  Christ came to fulfill the promise of God to redeem mankind and restore His creation.  Christ’s purpose was to die as a sacrifice for our sins.  And in so doing, God kills to make alive.  Our fate is the same as Christ’s.  We follow Him to the Cross, are crucified with Him, and raised to new life in our Baptism.  Unlike Christ, however, our glory remains in the future as the empty tomb shows us.  He leaves us at the Cross, to carry it in this world, and so to take Him, Christ to all people.

The Way of the Cross is a difficult path to travel.  But it is our path, the path of discipleship in Christ.  At this time of year, Christians show their devotion to this way by meditating on the Stations of the Cross and the events that occurred along the way from the judgment seat of earthy authority in Pilate, to the skull hill where Christ was nailed to a tree and died.  Click the link below to view a slide show that depicts the Stations of the Cross through Scripture, pictures, video, and song.  This was a Bible Study we did in our parish during Lent last year and is intended to be viewed by whole families.

Way of the Cross 2011

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