Upward Sports at OSLC

The Upward Football season kicked off today.  The first play from scrimmage to start the game was a touchdown run.  The size of the league has doubled, and there is now a wonderful group of cheerleaders supporting all of the teams.  The boys and girls braved 92 degree weather, blazing hot sun, and no shade.  And, above all, Christ was proclaimed throughout the day.

I am especially grateful to and for John and Betty Hagge, and Ray and Kate Cardinale. John and Betty have been tireless in their efforts to organize the program and make sure the event runs smoothly, tracking down as many volunteers as they can, running and stocking the concession stand.  Ray and Kate really took the bull by the horns this year and got the league and teams organized, wrangling coaches, uniforms and equipment. Kate Cardinale and Heather Davis have organized a great group of girls to cheer at the games.  All of these folks have spent endless hours making sure our kids and the community have the opportunity to play Football in a Christ centered environment. Most of the kids participating in the league do not attend Our Savior Lutheran Church.  Their leadership has been nothing short  of outstanding and inspiring.  When you see them, be sure to thank them.  And thank God for their dedication and service.  We are truly blessed.

If you have not had the opportunity to watch the kids play, please do so. Volunteers are needed to run concessions, supervise the grounds, referee games, and cheer for the kids.


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